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Please take a moment to consider 7 Shades of Snow 




7 Shades of Snow is proof of music’s power to transcend all barriers. Begun in 2020 at the height of the pandemic, this project was conceived and arranged by vocalist June Bisantz and the Jon Burr Sextet. Though recorded remotely in 7 separate studios, these musicians are now forever connected through this musical adventure. 

A holiday recording had long been in Bisantz’ creative plans. A lover of the holidays with their focus on love and celebration, she understands the holiday season is also a time of reckoning - with the year just past and the new one just ahead. Her search for material led her to

a collection of holiday/winter songs written by American composers Connie Pearce and Arnold Miller in 1960-61 for cool-jazz singer June Christy.  


Already a June Christy fan, Bisantz quickly became enamored of these sophisticated and unusual songs and their cool-jazz vibe. Witty, ironic and introspective, these songs are most of all honest about the range of feelings we experience during the holiday season.

The six songs on 7 Shades of Snow speak not just to the holidays - but to the winter season as well - the poignance of New Year’s eve (Sorry to See You Go), the long wait for spring (Winter’s Got Spring Up Its Sleeve) and the beauty of snow itself as a canvas for all the colors of the rainbow (7 Shades of Snow).


Bassist Jon Burr’s inspired arrangements form the musical foundation of the project. With his acclaimed jazz sextet he produced the instrumental tracks, recorded and delivered remotely, and encouraged Bisantz to create a sound studio in her home to record the vocal tracks. 


Reflecting on the process, Bisantz says “Creating this body of work has been an unexpected ray of light in the midst of a dark time for the world.  Through this project I have discovered an entirely new way of making music.”  What began in the isolation of Covid-19, has resulted in this exuberant collaboration, connecting artists across seemingly insurmountable barriers.



June Bisantz - voice

Jon Burr - Bass | Arranger | Producer

Mike Ecroth - piano 

James Chirillo, guitar 

Marc Pfaneuf - sax & flute

Brandon Lee, trumpet  

Alvester Garnett -drums

All songs written by Arnold Miller & Connie Pearce


Label: Arabesque Records

About June Bisantz


Vocalist and visual artist JUNE BISANTZ has co-written and produced several collections of original vocal jazz, all of which have received national recognition. She has toured internationally, and performed and recorded with distinguished jazz musicians including Steve Swallow, Norman Johnson, Jon Burr, Paul Brown, Lew Soloff, Jerry Neiwood, Mike Stern, Steve Davis & Will Lee. Reviews and articles about her work have appeared in publications including People Magazine, USA Today, Downbeat, Jazziz Magazine, Jazz Podium, Germany, JazzRu, Russia, Jazz USA and the New York Times. 


Bisantz’ critically acclaimed 2019 release, LOVE'S TANGO, co-written with pianist/ composer Alex Nakhimovsky

earned a 2019 Global Music Award for excellence in lyrics and songwriting. 


Her voice has been described as 

“smooth, seductive, infections….simply so catching that the album will leave you wanting to hear more.”  Jazziz 


“a revelation - caressing and velvety, but electrically alive”  People Magazine


“entrancing - deep and opulently hued, with an alto tonality that adds to the sensuality of the lyrics and connects the listener to the journey.”  Sound in Review


Many thanks for your

time & consideration!


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