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Vocal Jazz Album |Arrangement/Instrumental & VocalMusic Video

LOVE'S TANGO is an album of original Latin/Jazz co-written and performed by Alex Nakhimovsky 


& June Bisantz (vocals/lyrics).

Love's Tango tells the story of the many ways we experience love - romantically, exuberantly, nostalgically and philosophically.

Bisantz & Nakhimovsky have recorded, performed and toured together since 2005. Love's Tango, their third recording and first writing collaboration, has charted nationally, received international airplay and garnered excellent critical acclaim.

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Russian born Alexander Nakhimovsky is an internationally known pianist and composer, with an extensive touring, performing and recording background. June Bisantz is a critically acclaimed vocalist, lyricist and visual artist, with an impressive record of accomplishments in both the music and art fields.

Love's Tango was a joy to create.

We’re grateful for your consideration and we hope you enjoy it!


Review Excerpts


“What sets this collaboration apart are the originals...There is a depth to these songs that goes beyond the standard songbook...the leaders have created refined originals that stand out

as lasting pieces.”  

Jazz Sensibilities - Stamish Malcuss

"June Bisantz and Alex Nakhimovsky, deliver a work that combines melodic, jazz themes with a Rachmaninoff inspired string section - a magnificent work.  Nakhimovsky is a force on the piano and his skills are no less apparent than the vocal abilities of his partner.  Put this on and get lost in romance.“

Audiophile - Paul Wilson

“Bisantz has a low burn sensuality that percolates with assuredness and sophistication, and Nakhimovsky is genius with his colorizations of the melodies. Delightfully witty lyrics, paired with music that enlivens the senses and lightens your heart. An engaging listen from start to finish, Love’s Tango is a recording of urbanity and splendor.”

Staccatofy - Adjoran Horvat  

"Love’s Tango....a delightful collection of original music pinioned in the Latin genre with well-hewn lyrics and melodies about love, and a focus on musicality.  Bisantz and Nakhimovsky are inspired on this album, their chemistry is ripe with creativity and iridescent with elegance."    

All About Vocals - J. Pepper

"Love’s Tango is popping with sparkling melodies and outstanding performances.  A fine collaboration by two talented writers.  Its clear they have a winning sound and a recipe for songwriting that is scrumptious." 

Sound In Review - Shannon Smith

"June Bisantz (vocals, lyrics) and Alex Nakhimovsky (piano, music, arrangements) make a terrific team...They're both in top form in this new album of original Latin/jazz songs. Whether delivering a samba, tango, bossa nova or string quartet prelude, the duo delivers, with vibrancy, sensitivity and charm  An air of breezy romance flows through this winning new album from Bisantz and Nakhimovsky.." 

Pop Culture Classics - Paul Freeman

"The first few minutes of this new album is directed right at the heart of the world of tango, which shouldn't be a surprise … and that's when those emotional connections are made and it all sounds so ..Lush and Beautiful.  Because this is the type of music I think about when I hear those two words."   

Vinyl Anachronist - Marc Phillips

"Of note is the effortless sophistication of Nakhimovsky’s compositional writing…his arranging and writing skills, coupled with Bisantz well-crafted lyrics is inspired."  

All About Vocals - J. Pepper


June Bisantz - voice, lyrics, vocal arrangement, video editing, cover art

Alex Nakhimovsky - piano, music composition, arrangements

Norman Johnson - guitar, recording, mixing & mastering

Matt Dwonszyk - bass

Brunilda Myftaraj - violins

Lu San - viola 

Kathy Schiano - cello

Marcus Centola - accordion

John Mastroianni - flute, clarinet, sax

Jeff Holmes - trumpet/flugelhorn

Steve Davis - trombone

Ed Fast - drums & percussion


June Bisantz & Alex Nakhimovsky



Love's Tango 


ARRANGEMENT Instrumental & Vocal

A Wish That Came True



Love's Tango


ARRANGEMENT Instrumental & Vocal  

A Wish That Came True


June Bisantz & Alex Nakhimovsky
@ the Poli Club, Waterbury Palace Theater 2019
photo - Harrison Judd
June Bisantz & Alex Nakhimovsky
@ the Cotton Club, Tokyo, Japan 2017
photo - Harrison Judd

Many thanks for your

time & consideration!

June & Alex