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“Jazz-singer June Bisantz delights with her new version of I Wish You Love which feature some terrific guitar playing and harmonies by her collaborator and friend Gordon Morrell, as well as attractive stylings from the accordion and violin. Bisantz leads through the colla voce introduction with a strong command and big presence. She sets the listener up for a joyful change in feel as the groove kicks in. This joy is felt throughout the entirety of the tune... This is the sort of tune that you always keep nearby, just in case you need a pick me up... When the drums start up the chorus, it is hard to not crack a smile. The positive, care-free attitude is entirely infectious... Great job by all involved! Fans should keep their eyes out for the soon to be released “It’s Been A Long, Long Time”

Zachary Larson |Radio Airplay 

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